Code corner: Fun with Arrays

Fun With Arrays

Fun With Arrays

Which of these code fragments compile, and which do not?

 //Example 1
 int another[], y[];
 // Example 2
 int[] array, x[];
 //Example 3
 Object interesting = new Object[]{};


If you think either Example 1 or 2 compile, what code would you write to initialise them?

Reveal the answer…

All of the statements will compile. Example 1 is simply just creation of two array. to initialise these would just involve basic array syntax.

 int another[] = {}, y[] = {1,2,3};

Example 2 is more nuanced. this is creating an int array called array, and and 2d int array called x.  To initialise would look like this:

int[] array = {}, x[] = {{1,2,3},{4,5,6}};

Example 3 would absolutely compile too.  An Object Array is still an Object.

For more Java Array madness, check out this great post at vanilla java.

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  • Thank You.I learned something today!!

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