Podcast Episode 1: 5 things you can action today to improve your job chances

core java interview questions podcast episode 1

core java interview questions podcast episode 1The very first episode of the corejavainterviewquestions.com podcast.  For every job you apply for there are going to be hundereds of applications of people equally good or maybe even better.  What can you do to stand out of the crowd? In this episode we discuss 5 actions you can take right now to help you get your next job interview and, fingers crossed, land the job.

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Resources discussed in the show:
Github: Host your own projects or contribute to others.  Bitbucket is a similar concept from Atlassian that is quickly building traction
Startup Weekend: A great networking opportunity but also a fantastic skill building experience.
Angelhack: 24 hours of solid coding will leave you a changed person.  A great way to meet new people and a great story to tell at your interviews
Meetup: A place to find events you can go to and meet all sorts of new people and build your network.
Barcamp: An “unconference”: the line up is decided on the day and anyone can volunteer to speak.
/r/java and /r/cscareerquestions: Subreddits to check to read up on the latest news and help for your interviews.
DZone, infoQ, voxxed, fromdev: Websites crammed full of java knowledge and news for you


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