Podcast Episode 3: What does a good Java developer look like?

core java interview questions podcast episode 1

core java interview questions podcast episode 1

I am Mike De Lunareally excited for you to listen to episode 3 of the podcast which features my first ever guest, Mike De Luna (www.michaeldeluna.com).  The topic of what a good developer looks like is one I love to discuss.  It’s so much more than being a good coder! In this discussion me and Mike break down what the skills a top developer has and how to express these during an interview, and also what facets a bad developer has.

work with cool people
This episode is absolutely packed with information and tips.  What do you thinkmakes a good developer? Put it in the comments below!PodcastiTunesButton

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Resources discussed in the show:


  • Sam, I am a South African who recently discovered Java. I have been doing private studies with the aim of getting a job as a java developer. Particularly, I am interested in finding a java job in Hong Kong. Could you give me some ideas or some job agencies to contact there.

    Thanks for the interview advice and the podcasts.


  • Hello Sam,
    thank you for your podcasts. I’ve listened all episodes and now awaiting for new one :). I believe that you are doing a great work and it is very helpful for many newbie-developers like me.
    I was wondering why your blog has so small number of comments. Just want to say your blog and podcasts are great, keep going…

    • Thanks for the kind words Pavel! I’ve got some great episodes coming up soon I promise. As far as small number of comments, I think developers just tend to be shy normally :).

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