The Priniciples of Microservices

Sam Newman is the defacto God of Microservices right now. Having literally written the book on the subject he has since been doing the rounds on the conference circuit, including this great talk from Devoxx.

This is not a from-the-start talk (check out Microservices at Spotify first!), but goes into a great amount of detail into the realities of building good Microservices. THIS IS IMPORTANT.  It’s really easy to repeat all the same problems of your monolith in microservices.

The biggest problem which I’ve seen repeated over and over again is having microservices whilst maintaining a single, giant database.  This isn’t microservices!

Check out this awesome diagram of microservices and a shared database.

microservices database

Sam covers this, and message buses (also guilty), and an absolute ton more on the realities of building microservices at scale such as the realities of upgrading APIs, intra service contracts, service discovery etc.


As mentioned earlier, Sam wrote the book in this space. It’s called “Building Microservices”.  I wrote earlier this year on DZone that it’s the most important book you’ll read in 2016, and I stick by that.


It’s available to buy now from both Amazon and O’Reilly in physical and electronic format.  I cannot recommend it enough!






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